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growth hacker

growth hackerAs growth hacker I use the customer development approach to help startups move from innovative technology to marketable product. This typically includes:

  • Closing the first deals and building the minimal viable product in close cooperation with early adopters
  • Finding the right go-to-market approach and preparing startups to hire the first sales person
  • Determining positioning, pricing, and channel for scalable growth

growth hacking Projects


Conimbo is the power of Drupal, without the hassle. A hosted Drupal distribution with services for Internet agencies. Conimbo was launched by Belgian ONE Agency in 2010 following a management buy-out.

My first assignment was to come up with a positioning for the new product in the agency world. I then went on manage the product while rolling Conimbo out in the Dutch market.


Hom3decorator is a platform for online 3D interior shopping. It was started in 2010 and quickly saw early success with several large furniture vendors.

I got involved in bringing Hom3decorator to investors when the company decided to seek funding.


Mendix delivers the tools and infrastructure to simplify and accelerate the design, integration and deployment of next-generation business portals and cloud applications. Mendix was founded in 2005 raised series A funding from Henq Invest in November 2006.

While remaining profitable, Mendix developed its leading business agility suite in a Dutch early adopter market. The product having matured, Mendix turned to me to optimize their go-to-market model and prepare them for global rollout. I did market research, internal and external interviews and advised Mendix on a new positioning, pricing and channel strategy.


Publitas is the leader in professional digital edition solutions. Founded in 2006, Publitas helps professionals and companies maximize reach and conversion by providing the most effective cloud application for digital editions.

Publitas has been growing at a fast pace organically and sought my advice on how to further productize its ofering. Together we worked out the priorities towards a scalable product and the possibility to seek an investment.


Qelp provides picture-based selfcare to mobile operators looking to provide better and cheaper service to smart phone users. The company is privately held and growing quickly organically.

I helped Qelp determine the right pricing model that would provide enough flexibility to optimally serve diverse telecom operators and at the same time enough structure to grow the business as a cloud service.


Uniplicity offers a content driven collaborative editorial system. Uniplicity integrates with business intelligence systems and lets copywriters easily create financial and management reports based on existing financial data.

In business successfully for several years, Uniplicity was looking for directions to accelerate growth. I came in to do a 10-day 360-degree review of their business and looked in detail at technology, conducted interviews with customers and partners and did market research. Uniplicity used my advice to re-position the company.


Wakoopa is a service that helps marketing managers and media planners to find out what their customers do online. Wakoopa received initial funding in January 2007 and raised growth capital from Big Bang Ventures and Henq Invest in June 2008.

Having launched as a community of software enthousiasts, Wakoopa brought me in to look for a new business model when ad revenue remained behind target. I investigated a new market opportunity in market research, repositioned the product and brought in the first ten customers en route to a million euro business.