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Interim cto

interim ctoAs interim CTO I help startups and technology companies to kickstart their development efforts using lean startup ideas. I usually:

  • Build roadmaps, take architecture decisions and kick off big, strategic projects.
  • Hire killer teams, using Joel's Guerilla Guide to Hiring
  • Introduce an agile process with an aggressive release schedule and simple SaaS tools like Git, JIRA or Saucelabs.

interim cto Projects


Myngle is a marketplace for online language training. Originally founded in 2007, Myngle received funding from Henq Invest in March 2008.

Myngle brought me in to deliver version 1 of their language marketplace. I worked with the founders to finalize the concept and with a team of one interaction designer and five offshore developers to launch the site in three months. We hired a full-time CTO who took over responsibilities.


Q-go, a leader in natural language search, was founded in 1999 and received significant funding in 2000 from Alpinvest Partners, Newion Investments, and Prime Technology Ventures. Following difficulties after the .com bubble, Q-go made a remarkable recovery under new management and was acquired by RightNow in 2011.

Its business having recovered, Q-go wanted to refocus its product initiatives and brought me in to develop their roadmap together with two internal junior product managers.

Plexus Medical Group

The Plexus Medical Group is a consultancy specializing in the health care industry. They developed an application called "Pi" used by hospitals to gain insights into their own KPIs in a SaaS model. The application was acquired by Trag in 2008.

Plexus was looking for someone who could turn the initial application into a successful product. I was brought on board for six months and created a roadmap, strengthened the team, and upgraded the application architecture.


SEOshop is the most complete search engine-friendly webshop solution. Founded in 2008, Henq Invest participated in SEOshop with an eye on rapid international expansion.

I worked with SEOshop to hire the first non-founding members of the technical team, introduce tools and process and devise a roadmap to support the rapidly growing business.

STX Services

STX Services is a brokerage in green certificates, emission allowances, and biofuels. STX is owned by Ekwienox Ltd., Codale Ltd., Ludgate Environmental Fund Ltd. and the management of the company.

Having built a very successful brokerage business, STX Services contracted me to work out a strategy for its IT platform and online presence and hire a team to put it in place. I designed the strategy and assisted management in implementing it around and Drupal.

SDL Tridion

SDL Tridion has been a leader in web content management systems since 1999. Total investments until 2001 were € 23 million from venture capitalists Doughty Hanson, Barnard & Company, Gilde IT, Kappa IT Ventures and Prime Technology Ventures. In 2007 SDL acquired Tridion.

Having grown significantly, Tridion was looking for someone to kick-start innovation and to lead a number of new research and architecture initiatives. Over the course of a year, I built teams and defined scope for several new initiatives including a high availability solution and a new web interface.


Twones is a social music feed based on a real-time music activity stream collected by tracking music services such as MySpace Last.FM and Hypemachine. Twones received seed funding from a group of European Live Nation informals in 2008. In 2010 Twones shut down.

Twones had difficulties and hired me as interim CTO to rebuild their technology team. Together with the founders we quickly hired a strong technical team, made strategic product choices and created a lean and focused development processes.